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Warung Rujak Cingur Bu Sri


If your tummy is already half full, you can try to dine in Warung Rujak Cingur Bu Sri.  It’s a healthy dish and not too much for your stomach.

Bu Sri1

Bu Sri 2

Bu Sri 3

Rujak Cingur is the dish originated from Surabaya-East Java. Cingur means “mouth” in Javanese because it use shredded of boiled ox mouth. It also consists of assorted fruits such as: cucumber, bengkuang, young mango, pineapple, kedondong and assorted vegetables such as: bean sprout, watercress, string bean. All of that mixed with seasoning that made from shrimp paste, brown sugar, chili, fried peanut, fried red onion, salt & shredded of green seed banana.

Rujak Cingur1

Its taste sweet….hmmm….frankly speaking, I can’t feel the savory of this dish. I find a better version of Rujak Cingur at Jakarta. To reduce its sweetness, I add a cracker as my side dish. Price 18 K.

Rujak Cingur2

For dessert you can choose Es Kolak. Price 8 K. Well, unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy their dessert, because the banana is too tough to chew. I think they have to change the type of banana. Better they use banana that already ripe and taste sweet.



Warung Rujak Cingur Bu Sri


Jl. Pekunden Timur I/2


Phone: (024) 8411419



Soto Bokoran


This is my second time stay at Quest Hotel. I really like it because the location is very strategic for food lover. Many streetfood along this Plampitan road. One of them that become the most popular is Soto Bokoran.


They started their business since 1970. From early morning this stall is already crowded with people. I came here at 8 am, and I have to queue for about 10 minutes.



A bowl of indulgence came right away in front of my face. It’s consists of rice, vermicelli, shredded of chicken meat, fried garlic, celery and chicken broth soup that already mixed with their secret seasoning. You can add the chili and sweet soy sauce to enrich the soup. Super delicious!

Soto Bokoran

They also provide several skewers, such as: chicken skin, gizzard-liver, oyster & boiled egg that already marinated in sweet soy sauce. My favorite is oyster! So yummy and I just can’t stop eat that!

Sate Bokoran

And the whiz snack that you must order in this place is their Perkedel Kentang (Potato Fritter). It’s taste so crunchy outside and very savory inside. The skin of the fritter is so thin, I still don’t know what kind of flour they used. Trust me, you will get addicted by this awesome snack. I ate 4 pieces that morning, haha….Price between 10 K- 20 K.

Perkedel Bokoran


Soto Bokoran


Jl. Plampitan No. 55


Phone: (024) 3567402



Babat Gongso Pak Karmin


Pak Karmin started to open the stall since 1954. The specialty dishes in here are Nasi Goreng Babat (tripe fried rice) & Babat Gongso (tripe sautéed with sweet soy sauce, garlic & chili). It’s a second generation who run the business right now. They already have another branch at Jl. Gajah Mada & Telaga Mas area.

Babat Gongso

It’s better if you come here not at the lunch time. Long queue….I came here at 2 p.m. and the stall still crowded. Some of them queue for take away service.

Babat Gongso 2

This is my first visit. Because my tummy is half full, so I decided to try their Babat Gongso. A huge portion of beef tripe, intestines, lung and fried egg sautéed with sweet soy sauce came, and accompany with a plate of hot steamed rice. It’s taste sweet. You can ask them to add chili. If you are a spicy lover, you better ask the ‘very spicy’ level. Price 25 K. A glass of fresh orange juice can make your dish became extraordinary :)

Babat Gongso Pak Karmin

Babat Gongso Pak Karmin


Jl. Pemuda

(near Mberok Bridge)


Phone: (024) 3563334


Mie Kopyok Pak Dhuwur


Another streetfood from Semarang is Mie Kopyok. The most famous in Semarang is Pak Dhuwur’s stall. It’s a simple place that occupied for 30-40 person.

Mie Kopyok

Mie Kopyok2

A plate of noodle with fried tofu, beansprout, garlic soup and sprinkled it with celery and karak (rice crackers). It’s taste sweet. Well, maybe it’s too sweet for me. I didn’t really enjoy it. It will be nice if you added lime squeeze or vinegar. Price 8 K.

Mie Kopyok Pak Dhuwur


Mie Kopyok Pak Dhuwur


Jl. Tanjung

(across PLN office Jl Pemuda)


Phone: 0856-41372758



Nasi Ayam Bu Surip


Nasi Ayam (chicken rice) is the icon dish at Semarang. Many vendors who sell Nasi Ayam. But the famous one is Bu Surip at Simpang Lima. They usually eat Nasi Ayam for breakfast. You have to come in the morning or it will run out.

Ns Ayam

This chicken rice is very different from Singapore or Chinese version. They use coconut milk spicy soup with shredded of squash (labu siam), slices of chicken meat, tofu & boiled egg.

Ns Gandul2

It’s taste spicy, sweet & savory. Extremely delicious! If you like you can choose their skewer too, such as chicken intestines, liver, gizzard & young egg. It will be perfect if you combine it with the crunchiness of white crackers (krupuk putih/krupuk kampung). Two thumbs up!!!! Price 8 K.

Nasi Ayam Bu Surip


Nasi Ayam Bu Surip


Simpang Lima (under the overpass)



Nasi Gandul Pak Memed


After I took a long vacation of writing, now I’m back. I’m off for a while because my health condition not allows me to write objectively. Yeah, something wrong with my digestive system. Thanks God, I recover slowly and hopefully you can enjoy my ‘comeback’ writing as usually ;)

I will continue to share about Semarang culinary. This time I will recount about Nasi Gandul. Well, actually Nasi Gandul is originally from Pati (small town at Central Java). But it became famous at Semarang too, especially Pak Memed’s stall. Located on the edge of the road, this stall always crowded with queue of people.

Ns Gandul1

I have to wait for about 10 minutes before I got my seat. I came here at 8 p.m.

Ns Gandul2

Nasi Gandul is rice with beef meat, intestines, lung, spleen & tripe soup. Sometimes they add the boiled egg that marinated first with shallots, guava leave, bay leave & galangal. We call it as ‘Telur Pindang’. The soup is made from coconut milk, bay leave, galangal, lemongrass, shallots, garlic, kencur, kluwek, cumin & coriander. Very complicated isnt’t it? Most of Javanese food need many kind of spices, but it taste so good and you can’t find it at another place.

Ns Gandul3

The soup taste sweet and savory. It blended well with slices of tender beef meat. And if you dare you can try to eat the intestines and friends, haha….Some people assume it as a ‘gross thing’, but trust me, it’s heavenly good :p

The word “Gandul” itself means floating, because that dish is placed on banana leaves; so it looks like it’s floating at your plate. That banana leaves produces a fragrant aroma when you pour the coconut milk soup on it. They also provide crispy tempeh to accompany the dish. I like it very much! You have to try it! The price is very cheap, for about 10 – 15 K per portion.

Nasi Gandul Pak Memed

Nasi Gandul Pak Memed


Jl. Dr. Cipto 12 A


Phone: (024) 3559928 / 0813-325743117


Sate Sapi Pak Kempleng


At the beginning, Sate Sapi Pak Kempleng (beef skewers Mr.Kempleng) peddled by Mr. Sakimin (the real name of Mr. Kempleng) from village to village. His son, Mr. Sumorejo has expand the business by settled the stall at Diponegoro street. Now the restaurant has been handled by Mr.Hamzah, the 3rd generation of this family.



You can choose the satay/skewers by yourself. They served the meat, fatty part, intestines, tripes, liver & lung.

Sate Kempleng

They cut the meat bigger size than ordinary skewers I’ve ever ate. When they start to grill the skewers, the aroma is really made my tummy dancing. I only order 5 pieces, because my stomach can’t take it anymore. It came with peanut sauce with slices of cayenne chili & red onion.

Sate Kempleng2

I mix it all, then here it comes….my first bite! OMG, the meat is so tender, blended perfectly with the peanut sauce. The spiciness of chili added the richness of its flavor. The fatty part skewers is melted in your mouth. The intestines, liver & lung are very tender & scrumptious. They’re all marinated first with brown/java sugar and herbs. Two thumbs up! Price 25 K per portion.

Sate Kempleng3


Sate Sapi Pak Kempleng


Jl. Diponegoro No. 265

Kab Semarang – Ungaran

Phone: 024-6922176




Es Kesambi


After stop by on several food places, finally my tummy wanted some dessert. Es Kesambi has become the famous place for dessert since my mom’s childhood.


It’s very humble tavern, only accommodate for 20 persons.



There’s many option for ice that you can choose in this place; for about 50 variations of ice. Incredible! This time, I’m gonna try their signature: Es Kesambi. Price 15 K. It’s served in a large plate. The ingredients are assorted fruits (papaya, pineapple, lychee, melon), kolang kaling (the immature fruit of sugar palm that boiled with sugar), dawet/cendol (jelly noodles made from rice flour with green food coloring, usually derived from the pandan leaf), jelly pudding, slices of bread and milk pudding. Then, they give the simple syrup, condensed milk and sprinkled with muisjes (meises). It’s tasted very refreshing and sweet. It’s suitable for sunny day.

Es Kesambi

I also order Mie Acar Istimewa. Price 12.5 K. The ingredients are yellow noodle, fried tofu, pickled cucumbers, slices of red onion, fried onion and sprinkled with fried nut. The sauce is made from sweet soy sauce, vinegar, cayenne chili & garlic. It has a similar taste with Kupat Tahu.

Mie Acar
Es Kesambi


Jl. Kesambi No. 4 T/F


Phone: 0298-321195



Waroeng ngGoenoeng


Kopeng is a village in the district of Getasan, in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. Kopeng is a mountainous town, 1500 meters above sea level. That’s made Kopeng has a cold air.

Warung ngGoenoeng (in English translation means: Mountain Tavern) is very famous in this area. It has owned by Mrs. Lanny Kusnandar, my mom’s school friend. My first visitation in this place has 2 purposes: my mom’s reunion and of course to try their signature dishes.


This restaurant has a large area, it can accommodate for 70-80 persons. The design is simple and colorful. Quite nice for family or friends gathering. I choose to sit on the back part of the restaurant. From here, you can see the Merbabu mountain’s view. Lovely!



For first dish I order Iga Gongso. Price 35 K. It’s a beef ribs sautéed with sweet soy sauce, red onion and chili. The rib is tender, but the sauce is too sweet for me. Maybe I should ask for an extra chili to reduce its sweetness.

Iga Gongso

2nd dish is Iga Sambal Dabu Dabu. Price 35 K. It’s a fried beef ribs with slices of chili, tomato, red onion & lime squeeze. The rib taste savory & tender. But the Sambal Dabu Dabu is too sweet. It’s very different with Manado style. It supposed to be salty and sour. Maybe they adjusted to local tastes.

Iga Sambal Dabu

3rd dish is Sup Iga Goreng. Price 35 K. It’s exactly the same version with Dabu Dabu. They add the vegetables soup to accompany the fried ribs. The soup taste so so.

Sup Iga Goreng

The last dish I try their Nasi Jagung Goreng (fried corn rice). Price 12.5 K. It has the same taste with Chinese Fried Rice. It’s sautéed with slices of carrot, string bean, corn pile, fish ball & beef bacon. Delicious!

Nasi Jagung Gr

Over all, the dishes are quite nice, but not too special.



Warung ngGoenoeng


Jl. Raya Kopeng KM 12.5

Dusun Plalar (near Kopeng traditional market)


Phone: 0298-318001



Soto Ayam Esto


Soto is a traditional soup, sometimes considered Indonesia’s national dish, mainly composed of broth, meat and vegetables. Soto is omnipresent in Indonesia, available in many an open-air eateries and on many street corners to fine dining restaurants. Soto, especially Soto Ayam (Chicken Soto), is considered as Indonesian counterpart of chicken soup. Because it is always served warm with tender texture, in most of Indonesian households it is considered an Indonesian comfort food.

Mrs. Misyanto, as the owner of Soto Ayam Esto, has started her business in front of the Garage of Esto Bus since 1953. This place is become the legendary culinary place at Salatiga nowadays.


It’s quite a small place, only accommodate for 20 persons. There is a huge cauldron in front of the restaurant that is used for boiling soto broth. They also mix the ingredients in here. They still use charcoal to cook soto.



A bowl of soto with steamed rice, slices of chicken meat, string bean, fried onion & karak (crackers made from rice & salt). The yellow color of the soup broth reflected the slightly taste of coconut milk. The spices taste so light, savory and fresh at the same time. A unique aroma of the broth brought me to another level of delight. Very yummy! For 3 of half portion Soto Ayam and 1 piece of Telur Pindang (boiled egg that marinated with onion, garlic, sweet soy sauce & guava leaves), I only pay 20 K.

Soto Ayam Esto

They also served other side dishes such as Sate Telur Puyuh (Quail Eggs Skewers), Sate Kerang (Oyster Skewers), Bakwan Jagung (Corn Fritters) and Tempe Goreng dg Udang di atasnya (Fried Tempeh with Shrimp on top).


Soto Ayam Esto


Jl. Langensuko No. 4


Phone: 0298-321187 / 0819-01079025