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Jejamuran (in English: Assorted Mushrooms) is served all kind of mushroom dishes with Indonesian traditional cuisine style. They use jamur tiram (oyster mushroom/pleorotus ostreatus), jamur merang (volvariella volvacea), jamur shitake (shitake mushroom/lentinula edodes), jamur kancing (fungi studs/agaricus bisporus), jamur Lingzhi (lingzhi mushroom), etc, as their main ingredients.  With the large area and many kind of dishes to choose, this place is attract many visitor or tourist like me.


According to Mr. Ratijdo, as the owner of Jejamuran, this restaurant is developed from the mushroom seeding establishment since 1997. That’s why at the back side of this area they presented the assorted kind of mushrooms in the bag log. You can ask the resto personnel to explain much further about that stuff.


For appetizer, I choose Lumpia Jamur (Mushroom Spring Rolls). Price 3.2 K for 2 pieces. The mushroom fill in is savory. Taste okay!

Lumpia Jamur

For soup, I try Sup Tom Yum Jamur (Mushroom Tom Yum Soup). Price 18.2 K. I think the soup is tasteless, not a right combination of seasoning to make a bowl of tom yum.

Sup Tom Yam Jamur

Sate Jamur Tiram (Oyster Mushroom Satay) is my next dish. Price 18.2 K. They grilled the mushroom and give the peanut sauce on top. The peanut sauce is too sweet. So I added the cayenne chili to reduce its sweetness.

Sate Jamur

Next order: Pepes Shitake (steamed shitake mushroom with special indonesian seasoning). Price 16.4 K. The seasoning is made from garlic, red onion, ginger, turmeric, pecans, chili. Wrap that seasoning with shitake mushroom on the banana leaves & steamed it. Quite good!

Pepes Shitake

Next dish: Rendang Jamur (Mushroom Rendang). Price 8.2 K. Rendang is the authentic dish from Padang (a city from Indonesia that famous with its spicy cuisine). Rendang seasoning is made from coconut milk, lemongrass, turmeric, orange leaves, red chili, red onion, garlic, pecans, ginger, tamarind and galingale. Complicated, huh? Taste quite yummy!

Rendang Jamur

Then, the standard dish: Jamur Goreng Tepung Portabella (deep fried portabella mushroom). Price 10 K. Eat it while still hot with chili sauce. Nom…nom…!

Portabello Goreng

The last dish: Jamur Goreng Penyet (deep fried mushroom with chili). Price 12.8 K. They fried the mushroom and then sautéed it with the spicy chili & shrimp paste. Delicious! Perfect if you eat it with the hot steamed rice!

Jamur Goreng Penyet

Over all, the dishes taste are quite delicious and very cheap at price! Must visit!



Niron – Pandowoharjo

Sleman – Yogyakarta

Phone: 0274-868170

Bale Raos


The icon of this cultural city is represented by the Sultanate of Yogyakarta. The Yogyakarta society is really respect & love their Royal Family of Sultana. As a cultural centre, the Sultana Palace (we usually called it as: Kraton) describing the history, the tradition and also the mystical part of Nyi Roro Kidul, the legendary Indonesian spirit, known as the Queen of the Southern Sea of Java. Sometimes she is referred as one of the spiritual queens or wives of the Sultan of Yogyakarta. Her literal positioning is considered as corresponding to the Merapi-Kraton-South Sea axis in Yogyakarta Sultanate.

GKR Hemas, the Queen of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X, who is reigning today, want to conserve the richness of Kraton culinary & open the access to the society to know about the Royal Palace dishes. This is the vision of the establishment of Bale Raos.

Located at the Kedaton area, with the structure of Joglo architecture and Kraton ornament, added the viscosity of their culinary. The restaurant has an open air concept, no air conditioner (AC) provided at all plus the heat of sun at this season; that combination is really make me sweat all over my body. I hate it!

Bale Raos

I straightly go to this restaurant from the airport. It’s already 2 PM, and I really feel so starving! For beverage I tried Hot Secang. Price 8 K. It’s made of secang wood shaving which produce red dye in combination with ginger, clove & citronella. Taste so sweet with the exotic & warm flavor.

Hot Secang

For veggies, I order Oseng Daun Pepaya (papaya leaves sautéed with chili). Price 13.5 K. The papaya leaves taste not too bitter, the seasoning also is not too spicy, more likely to feel sweet. Fyi, the central java cuisine is preferred to taste sweet. Quite good.

Oseng Daun Pepaya

For first main course, I order Bestik Djawa. Price 45 K. It’s a Javanese chop beef steak at light sweet soy sauce served with mash potato grilled and buttered veggies. The chop beef steak is savory, blended well with the sauce. Taste okay!

Bestik Djawa

Second dish: Bestik Lidah. Price 45 K. That’s a plate of beef tongue steak in mushroom sauce, granulate butter steamed potato and mixed chopped veggies in dressing milk. The beef tongue is tender, the sauce is too sweet for me, but it’s taste good if I combine it with the dressing milk’s veggies.

Bestik Lidah

The last dish is Urip Urip Gulung. Price 25 K. That’s 5 pieces of fry and grill catfish roll served with turmeric gravy in light spicy taste. They give the sweet soy sauce on top, eat it with its gravy sauce and combine it with the spiciness of cayenne chili. You have 3 flavors in one bite: sweet, salty & spicy! It will be perfect if they remove the barbs of the catfish.

Urip Gulung

Bale Raos


Jl. Magangan Kulon 1


Phone: 0274-415550

De Mingle


It’s a rare thing to find in Jakarta a restaurant that specialized on Dutch cuisine. One that I knew is Hema Resto located at Radio Dalam. Actually, I knew this resto, De Mingle, from my facebook friend. He posted many food photos from this resto. It looks so good. Beside I get used to eat Dutch Food, because my mom can cook some kind of them.

It’s so easy to find that place, because I know the West Jakarta streets quite well. The design interior is modern minimalis, simple but adorable. They used the wood table set combine with white & bright colors. Soft blue couches along the left side are nicely paired with white vase on the table. I like their hanging black lamp too, they have a yellow & green color inside. They also have a second level too; usually the customers held the event (such as birthday party, gathering, casual meeting, reunion,etc) in that place.

de mingle
For appetizer, I order Bruinebonen Soep. Price 35 K. A savory red bean soup with shredded of beef meat and garnish with crountous (cubes of fried or baked bread). It’s  taste quite good. The red bean boiled very well, not too tender, but still feel fresh. But pity, too small portion.

Sup Brenebon

Because I came with quite a fully tummy, so I decided to order light snacks. The first snack is Indische Pastel. Price 32 K. It’s a baked potato with carrot, string bean, mushroom that cut in pieces with peas, sausage & vermicelli. Nom…nom…so tasty!

Indische Pastel

Next snack is Mayo Risolles. Price 29 K. Three pieces risolles with bacon, egg & cheese inside. Quite good. I think it will be more scrumptious if they put more mayo inside. Eat it with spicy chili sauce!

Mayo Rissoles

For healthy food, I choose Vruchten Sla. Price 45 K. Assorted fruit such as apple, strawberry, grape, lychee sprinkle with raisin & grated almond on top. Refreshing! The sauce taste sweet, perfectly blended with the sourness of the fruits. I like it!

Vruchten Sla

De Mingle


Graha Handaya

Jl. Raya Perjuangan Kav 12A Unit C

Kebon Jeruk – Jakarta Barat

Phone: 021-53660431

The Playground


When I was a little girl, I usually play with my friends on The Playground almost every evening. Play on the swing, merry go-round, bicycle, hide & seek, you can mention it one by one. I really have fun there. So now, if I can find such kind of place wrap in the form of restaurant, you can guess that I will be very happy to dine in there. With the lighting dim & strong concept, they presented the cozy place & childhood nostalgic ambience very well. Sitting on the swing while you can eat a good food is a pleasure thing!

The Playground

For beverage, I only order the simple thing: Hot Cammomile Tea (price 30 K) and Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice (price 35 K). I like how they use the Sunkist Orange for their juice. So refreshing! And they serve it in the cute jar.

Hot Cammomile & Orange Juice

The waitress suggested me to order Teriyaki Wings for appetizer. Price 45 K. It’s a bowl of crispy wings with cabbage salad underneath. On my first bite, I feel their crunchiness blended well with the teriyaki sauce that soaked in the skin part to the meat. It’s so delicious! Must order!

Teriyaki Wings

For main dish, I choose Red Cheddar Dory. Price 58 K. I asked a special order to the waitress, I wanna change the side dish from french fries to boiled spinach. More healthy! Quite a big portion for me. They steamed the dory fish & pour it out with cheddar cheese & give grated peanuts on the top. Delish! I like it!

Red Cheddar Dory

Carbonara for the next dish. Price 50 K. As usually, a plate of spaghetti with creamy sauce & bacon chunks. The creamy sauce is so yummy & cheesy. Very scrumptious! Good pasta!


I really recommended this place. All dishes that I ate are so delicious! It’s worth with the price. I definitely will come back at another time.

The Playground


Plaza Indonesia Ext 4th Floor Unit E18,E19 & E21

Jl. MH Thamrin Kav 28-30

Jakarta Pusat

Phone: 021-29923747



I passed by Meruya road so many times, because I took that route twice a week on the way to the office. So I really noticed if there’s a new resto that open along that road. Finally I have a chance to came & try their dishes yesterday for lunch.

With natural & minimalis design, they give us the serenity ambience like the villas in Puncak. The small wood bridge on their fish pond, many decorative trees, rattan & wood table set are represented the natural atmosphere.


“Simply Good Food”! That’s their quote. This noon, I will order their promotion menu that they put on the banner in front of the resto: Australian Wagyu Beef. Price 58 K. I put a high expectation for this dish, because there’s a “wagyu” word, that means it has to be a tender meat. And second, there’s an “Australian” word, that means it has a high quality import meat.

They came on the unique plate, a steak with mushroom sauce, salad with thousand island dressing & of course french fries. The meat is tough, hard to chew. I spew it out a lot of pieces on the tissue. Unable to crushed it with my teeth. The mushroom sauce is too salt. Less of creamy & sweetness taste. This is the bad version of steak. Not good at all. I feel so disappointed! What are they think of? How dare they label it as a “Import Wagyu Beef”? I feel so cheated!

Australian Wagyu Beef

I don’t know if I wanna come back again to this place again. Because I like the design place so much. Maybe I will try one more time to eat another dishes.


Taman Aries Utama Blok H1 / 1

Jl. Meruya Raya

Jakarta Barat

Phone: 021-5863070

Rasane Seafood & Ikan Bakar


Rasane Seafood is started from August 2002 at the small townhouse in Taman Ratu area. They serve the high quality of seafood with special Indonesian seasoning. I usually having dine in Rasane – Pesanggrahan branch. The area is so large, they have inside and outside area. I choose the inside area because I can’t stand with the hot weather.

My fave dish in here is Kangkung Lombok Terasi (watercress sautéed with shrimp paste & chili). Price 25 K. This Lombok watercress have a bigger size than the local one. Fresh & crispy in bite.

Kangkung Lombok

I also order Cumi Bakar (grilled squid). Price 32.5 K. The squid is tender. But I think the seasoning is too sweet for me. The sweetness of their seasoning has overwhelmed the freshness of the squid itself. I choose to have grilled seafood with a light seasoning only, more fresh.

Cumi Bakar

Next dish: Kerang Ijo Saus Padang (Padang Chili Mussels). Price 25 K. Quite spicy & a little bit sour. It’s not the best Padang Chili Sauce I’ve ever tasted. It taste just okay.

Kerang Ijo Saus Padang

For fish I choose Gurame Bakar (grilled carp fish). They use the same seasoning as grilled squid dish. As I said before, too sweet. Well, I hope they served with a butter spread seasoning only. More scrumptious! For 8 ounce carp fish, I pay 76 K.

Gurame Bakar

Over all the dishes in this place is quite good, but not extraordinary.

Rasane Seafood & Ikan Bakar

Jl. Raya Pesanggrahan No. 168 N

Jakarta Barat

Phone: 021-58352222

Jl. Raya Greenville Blok AS/35

Jakarta Barat

Phone: 021-56961144

Boulevard Raya Kelapa Gading Blok PA1 No.29-30

Kelapa Gading – Jakarta Utara

Phone: 021-4521901

Alam Sutera Town Centre (seberang Flavor Bliss)

Jl. Alam Utama Kav. 26

Alam Sutera – Serpong

Phone: 021-29211510

Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam No. 29

Jakarta Selatan

Phone: 021-83790195

Radja Ketjil


Many people from china land come to other countries to build their life in the new land. Usually they married with the natives, that automatically create the new culture called “Cina Peranakan”, or in English we can say: “Halfblooded Chinese”. It also happened in Indonesia. And it affect to their culinary too. Mix between Chinese and Javanese. Well, actually I’m one of them,xixi…They usually raised their kids with the Dutch culture. So, I’m so excited to dine in this place, because it brought me back to my childhood memories.

The vintage chinese homey style design really dominated in their interior. The old radio, charcoal iron, cooking pans are the accessories that adding the richness of chinese culture in this place. The waitress is also wear cheongsam (chinese traditional wardrobe). They put it all together into one strong concept. Good!

For opening dish, I order Buncis Sechuan. Fresh string bean sautéed with minced beef and special sambal. Not too spicy for me. Well cooked. Quite tasty.

Buncis Sechuan

Second dish: Tahu Cincang Daging Ayam. Japan tofu sautéed with minced chicken, mushroom & fresh veggies. It taste delicious.  

Tahu Cincang Daging Ayam

Next dish: Ifumie. Ifumie in this place is very different with Ifumie at the other restaurant. The same ingredients but they use different sauce: sweet sour sauce. I think it’s quite weird for my tongue. Too heavy taste for crispy noodle. Honestly, I didn’t like it. Oooww, one thing that I almost forgot, they served it cold. I don’t know why, but at that night, this place is not too crowded. I’ve already wrote my critics at their comment card.


Then I also tried their Gurame Asam Manis (carp fish with sweet sour sauce). Unfortunately it has the same taste with Ifumie. Wew, it’s not a good thing order 2 dishes at the same time with exactly have the same taste. It’s taste so so, and once again this dish is also served cold. Very disappointed!

Carp Fish

The last dish: Ayam Ibu Tiri. First time I read that dish’s name, I laugh, because if I translated in English,that means: “Stepmom Chicken”. I don’t know why they named it like that, maybe because they’re so spicy? Haha…..maybe their spiciness will ‘tortured’ your tongue, the same thing happened to you if you have a stepmom. LOL!

For me, this is the best dish for tonight. Thank God! Fried chicken sautéed with Green Chili. I think they adapt the manado cuisine for this dish. Maybe that’s why I like it? Nom…nom….scrumptious! Must order for spicy lover! Price range from 70 k to 100 k per pax/person.

Ayam Ibu Tiri

Radja Ketjil

Gandaria City Mall Unit MU 2-3

Jl. KH Syafii Hazami No. 8

Jakarta Selatan

Phone: 021-29053150

Flavor Bliss Alam Sutera

Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard

Serpong – Tangerang

Phone: 021-53140408

PIM 2 Restaurant Row Lt. 3

Jl. Metro Pondok Indah

Jakarta Selatan

Phone: 021-75920468 / 75920465

Plaza Semanggi Plangi Sky Dining Lt. 10

Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 50

Jakarta Selatan

Phone: 021-25539813 / 93264641

Singapore OldTown Kopitiam


This is one of the most fave kopitiam to chill out in the night for me & my friends after doing the church activity at West Jakarta area. Located in the middle of a densely populated residential, I think they choose the strategic area to open their business.

With simple & cozy design, they quite successful to deliver their message to create a comfy place for togetherness. One thing that quite unique is they hanging the black birdcage as their lamp. I will upload the picture on my next visit.

Must order in Kopitiam is toast! I wanna try their MiloToast. Thick toast came with Milo Milk Powder on the top. Quite nice. I like it!

Milo Toast

For appetizer I order Buncis Crispy (Crispy String Beans). They coated the string bean with flour then fried until the texture become crispy. Tasty! Eat it while still hot with chili sauce.

Buncis Crispy

Next appetizer is Balachan Chicken Wings. I thought at first they marinated it with shrimp paste/balachan then fried. Apparently I have a wrong guess, they directly fried it with flour, then they give us a Balachan sambal. Wew, quite disappointed. It’s taste so so. Nothing special about it!

Chicken Wings

For main dish I choose Singapore Laksa. The coconut milk soup is very tasty. With white noodle, boiled egg, bean sprout, fish cake, shrimp plus fried red onion and scallion on top, this dish is so delicious.

Singapore Laksa

For dessert I order Pikachu. That’s the abbreviation of Pisang, Coklat, Keju (in English: Banana, Chocolate, Cheese). They grilled the fresh banana, then sprinkle it with grated of cheese & chocolate meisjes. The last thing to do, give the sweetened condensed milk on top. Tada! So simple but quite good!


Price range for food 10 k to 35 K. For beverage 5 K to 25 K.

Singapore OldTown Kopitiam


Jl. Mangga Raya lok C No. 8 G

Duri Kepa – Jakarta Barat

Phone: 021-5689965

Mr. Pancake


Located at the mall, this place is offers the varieties of their menu. With pancake & waffle as their specialty (you can choose many flavors: original, sweet & savory), they also provide western food (steak & sandwich), asian food (tom yam fried rice, chicken basilica, chicken termidor, Japanese grilled beef,etc) and Italian food (assorted pasta).

They design their interior like the homey living room. Comfy red couch completed with the fireplace describing the western country style American home. They also placed some tables outside the café for smoking area.

Mr Pancake

For beverage, I choose Green Apple Mojito. Hmm, I think they give too many liquid sugar, too sweet for me. I’d rather choose the sour one, more refreshing.

Green Apple Mojito

I order Burger Steak as my main dish. The beef meat is like the meat you usually find in the burger,very tender. With sweet sauce dressing, they topped it with the sunny side up fried egg. Of course it came with french fries, veggies & salad. Quite nice.

Burger Steak

Price range for pancake from 18 K to 30 K. For main dishes from 25 K to 75 K. For beverage from 8 K to 25 K. Affordable price!


Mr. Pancake

Mal Puri Indah Ground Floor

Puri Indah – Jakarta Barat

Phone: 021-5822389

Pluit Junction

Pluit – Jakarta Utara

Phone: 021-66607366

Setiabudi One

Kuningan – Jakarta Selatan

Phone: 021-5203223

Mal Artha Gading

Kelapa Gading – Jakarta Utara

Phone: 021-45863885

Living World Alam Sutera

Ground Floor 1 657

Phone: 021-29239518

Stevan Meat Shop


I thought at first this place is only the butcher shop, but surprisingly we can dine in here also. Stevan Meat Shop serving fresh meat from beef (US Beef, Australian Angus Beef, Wagyu Beef & Local Prime Beef), organic chicken, seafood, imported fish (such as Sea Bass, Salmon, Halibut, Black Cod & Trout) & local fish (red snapper, white snapper, grouper, barramundi & tuna); so many options to choose! We can ask the butcher to custom cut our meat. They can get it cut as thick as we like, less fat or more fat, boneless or bone-in. Good service!

They only provide 4 small tables. Not a comfy place to dine in, because a lot of people passing through our table to shop. But that’s okay for me, because I’m starving right now and I don’t have a plan to spend my night to chill out.

Stevan Menu

For appetizer they serve calamari, thai fish cake, chicken wings, fish finger, etc. For salad they have garden salad, thai beef salad, Caesar salad, prawn peach salad, etc. Well, I think tonight I will skip the appetizer & salad part, cause I don’t wanna get too  full, it’s already 8.30 PM, wew!

They give 3 kind of cooking package to choose: Shabu Shabu Package 25 K (ponzu sauce & chicken stock, minimal order 2 pack), Steak Combo Package 35 K (choice of sauce, side dishes, seasonal vegetables/coleslaw/mix salad) or Steak Premium Package 45 K (choice of sauce, side dishes, seasonal vegetables/coleslaw/mix salad, and soup of the day).

For side dishes they serve french fries, mashed potato, potato herbs, potato wedges, potato chips & steam rice. For Sauce they serve barbeque, blackpepper, mushroom, teriyaki, bulgogi & lemon butter.

Tonight I’m gonna eat a healthy food. So I order Red Snapper Fish with Mushroom Sauce, Potato Herbs & Veggies. The fish meat is fresh, grilled well. The potato herbs is tasty and the sauce is quite okay. Quite good! For 2 plates of fish, I pay for about 150 K.

Red Snapper
Stevan Meat Shop


Jl. Pesanggrahan Raya No. 6

Meruya Utara – Jakarta Barat

Phone: 021-58907870 / 5865031

Flavor Bliss 2 Unit 7

Alam Sutera – Tangerang

Phone: 021-31704350

Jl. Marina Indah Golf

Mediterania Blok A No. 8

Pantai Indah Kapuk – Jakarta Barat

Phone 021-93581008