Nasi Ayam Bu Surip


Nasi Ayam (chicken rice) is the icon dish at Semarang. Many vendors who sell Nasi Ayam. But the famous one is Bu Surip at Simpang Lima. They usually eat Nasi Ayam for breakfast. You have to come in the morning or it will run out.

Ns Ayam

This chicken rice is very different from Singapore or Chinese version. They use coconut milk spicy soup with shredded of squash (labu siam), slices of chicken meat, tofu & boiled egg.

Ns Gandul2

It’s taste spicy, sweet & savory. Extremely delicious! If you like you can choose their skewer too, such as chicken intestines, liver, gizzard & young egg. It will be perfect if you combine it with the crunchiness of white crackers (krupuk putih/krupuk kampung). Two thumbs up!!!! Price 8 K.

Nasi Ayam Bu Surip


Nasi Ayam Bu Surip


Simpang Lima (under the overpass)




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