Sate Plecing Arjuna


Sate Plecing is located at the corner of Yudisthira and Arjuna Street. Small tavern only suit for 20 persons. This place is recommended by our driver. He said on the lunch time, this place is very crowded.


Their specialty dish in here is Sate Babi (pork skewer). You can choose between the sweet sauce or the spicy one, called plecing. Because I’m a spicy food lover, I definitely want to try their Sate Plecing. Price 16 K. The satay came in the small pieces. Its taste very nom nom! I love the fatty part. The smoked seasoning of its spicy sauces soaked all over the meat. It’s very good!

Sate Plecing

They also served Sop Bakso (meatball soup) and Bakut (pork ribs soup). But I don’t give a try this time, because my stomach has already full. Perhaps another time!



Sate Plecing Arjuna


Jl. Arjuna No. 49

Denpasar – Bali





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  1. Wajib dicoba
    Sate babi plecing 20K dan soto babi di kedai KITA KITA
    Kedai ini baru buka dan saya kebetulan lewat.. penasaran..
    Satenya lembut banget.. dagingnya seperti dibumbui dlu baru di bakar.. maknyus deh
    Selain itu yg gak boleh makan babi ada steak tuna,ayam dan sapi harga mulai 30K-38K
    Tempat ini sekarang jd tempat makan favorit saya..

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