Es Kesambi


After stop by on several food places, finally my tummy wanted some dessert. Es Kesambi has become the famous place for dessert since my mom’s childhood.


It’s very humble tavern, only accommodate for 20 persons.



There’s many option for ice that you can choose in this place; for about 50 variations of ice. Incredible! This time, I’m gonna try their signature: Es Kesambi. Price 15 K. It’s served in a large plate. The ingredients are assorted fruits (papaya, pineapple, lychee, melon), kolang kaling (the immature fruit of sugar palm that boiled with sugar), dawet/cendol (jelly noodles made from rice flour with green food coloring, usually derived from the pandan leaf), jelly pudding, slices of bread and milk pudding. Then, they give the simple syrup, condensed milk and sprinkled with muisjes (meises). It’s tasted very refreshing and sweet. It’s suitable for sunny day.

Es Kesambi

I also order Mie Acar Istimewa. Price 12.5 K. The ingredients are yellow noodle, fried tofu, pickled cucumbers, slices of red onion, fried onion and sprinkled with fried nut. The sauce is made from sweet soy sauce, vinegar, cayenne chili & garlic. It has a similar taste with Kupat Tahu.

Mie Acar
Es Kesambi


Jl. Kesambi No. 4 T/F


Phone: 0298-321195




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