Soto Ayam Esto


Soto is a traditional soup, sometimes considered Indonesia’s national dish, mainly composed of broth, meat and vegetables. Soto is omnipresent in Indonesia, available in many an open-air eateries and on many street corners to fine dining restaurants. Soto, especially Soto Ayam (Chicken Soto), is considered as Indonesian counterpart of chicken soup. Because it is always served warm with tender texture, in most of Indonesian households it is considered an Indonesian comfort food.

Mrs. Misyanto, as the owner of Soto Ayam Esto, has started her business in front of the Garage of Esto Bus since 1953. This place is become the legendary culinary place at Salatiga nowadays.


It’s quite a small place, only accommodate for 20 persons. There is a huge cauldron in front of the restaurant that is used for boiling soto broth. They also mix the ingredients in here. They still use charcoal to cook soto.



A bowl of soto with steamed rice, slices of chicken meat, string bean, fried onion & karak (crackers made from rice & salt). The yellow color of the soup broth reflected the slightly taste of coconut milk. The spices taste so light, savory and fresh at the same time. A unique aroma of the broth brought me to another level of delight. Very yummy! For 3 of half portion Soto Ayam and 1 piece of Telur Pindang (boiled egg that marinated with onion, garlic, sweet soy sauce & guava leaves), I only pay 20 K.

Soto Ayam Esto

They also served other side dishes such as Sate Telur Puyuh (Quail Eggs Skewers), Sate Kerang (Oyster Skewers), Bakwan Jagung (Corn Fritters) and Tempe Goreng dg Udang di atasnya (Fried Tempeh with Shrimp on top).


Soto Ayam Esto


Jl. Langensuko No. 4


Phone: 0298-321187 / 0819-01079025





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