Warung Rujak Cingur Bu Sri


If your tummy is already half full, you can try to dine in Warung Rujak Cingur Bu Sri.  It’s a healthy dish and not too much for your stomach.

Bu Sri1

Bu Sri 2

Bu Sri 3

Rujak Cingur is the dish originated from Surabaya-East Java. Cingur means “mouth” in Javanese because it use shredded of boiled ox mouth. It also consists of assorted fruits such as: cucumber, bengkuang, young mango, pineapple, kedondong and assorted vegetables such as: bean sprout, watercress, string bean. All of that mixed with seasoning that made from shrimp paste, brown sugar, chili, fried peanut, fried red onion, salt & shredded of green seed banana.

Rujak Cingur1

Its taste sweet….hmmm….frankly speaking, I can’t feel the savory of this dish. I find a better version of Rujak Cingur at Jakarta. To reduce its sweetness, I add a cracker as my side dish. Price 18 K.

Rujak Cingur2

For dessert you can choose Es Kolak. Price 8 K. Well, unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy their dessert, because the banana is too tough to chew. I think they have to change the type of banana. Better they use banana that already ripe and taste sweet.



Warung Rujak Cingur Bu Sri


Jl. Pekunden Timur I/2


Phone: (024) 8411419



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