Waroeng ngGoenoeng


Kopeng is a village in the district of Getasan, in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. Kopeng is a mountainous town, 1500 meters above sea level. That’s made Kopeng has a cold air.

Warung ngGoenoeng (in English translation means: Mountain Tavern) is very famous in this area. It has owned by Mrs. Lanny Kusnandar, my mom’s school friend. My first visitation in this place has 2 purposes: my mom’s reunion and of course to try their signature dishes.


This restaurant has a large area, it can accommodate for 70-80 persons. The design is simple and colorful. Quite nice for family or friends gathering. I choose to sit on the back part of the restaurant. From here, you can see the Merbabu mountain’s view. Lovely!



For first dish I order Iga Gongso. Price 35 K. It’s a beef ribs sautéed with sweet soy sauce, red onion and chili. The rib is tender, but the sauce is too sweet for me. Maybe I should ask for an extra chili to reduce its sweetness.

Iga Gongso

2nd dish is Iga Sambal Dabu Dabu. Price 35 K. It’s a fried beef ribs with slices of chili, tomato, red onion & lime squeeze. The rib taste savory & tender. But the Sambal Dabu Dabu is too sweet. It’s very different with Manado style. It supposed to be salty and sour. Maybe they adjusted to local tastes.

Iga Sambal Dabu

3rd dish is Sup Iga Goreng. Price 35 K. It’s exactly the same version with Dabu Dabu. They add the vegetables soup to accompany the fried ribs. The soup taste so so.

Sup Iga Goreng

The last dish I try their Nasi Jagung Goreng (fried corn rice). Price 12.5 K. It has the same taste with Chinese Fried Rice. It’s sautéed with slices of carrot, string bean, corn pile, fish ball & beef bacon. Delicious!

Nasi Jagung Gr

Over all, the dishes are quite nice, but not too special.



Warung ngGoenoeng


Jl. Raya Kopeng KM 12.5

Dusun Plalar (near Kopeng traditional market)


Phone: 0298-318001




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