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Takosuki is located on the ‘hawker centre’ Pesanggrahan street. Takosuki specializes on serve Sukiyaki. Sukiyaki is a Japanese culinary dish which inspired from the Mongolian tradition or one pot cooking. They providing multiple soup flavors such as Spicy Miso and Ginger Chicken. Assorted veggies such as mushroom, cabbage, tofu and spinach are also boiled and served with a sesame sauce. Beside beef, for shabu shabu they also serving pork and seafood.

The place is very comfy, with Japanese-Chinese interior design style. They separate their room into 2 sections. In the first section, they provide the round table with 6 chairs. In the second section, they use couch and wood chair. Almost each table is outfitted with sukiyaki or shabu shabu pan/pot for grilled or boiled.  On my first coming, I didn’t try their Sukiyaki. On that day I really craving for Chinese dish & dim sum.


I like to eat Steamed Carp Fish. Because it’s more healthy and taste good too. It’s cooked quite good, the sauce taste savory. Not bad, but nothing special about it, because I can find exactly the same dish at another place.

Steamed Fish

For their chef recommendation, I choose Crispy Fried Chicken. I think the seasoning is not well marinated or soaked in the meat. And the topping seasoning is not good as I’ve imagined before. Too ordinary. For me the perfect combination’s seasoning with fried chicken is balachan or terasi (in Indonesia). The best crispy balachan fried chicken according to my opinion is at Seroeni Restaurant (Plaza Senayan).

Crispy Fried Chicken

For veggies I order Mushroom Vegetables. This dish is not taste fabulous, I can only say: so so….They only sautéed 3 kind of mushrooms & assorted veggies with garlic. Well, I think I can cook this kind of dish at home. Quite disappointed!

Mushroom Veggies

Because I still feel hungry, I order their dim sum: Siomay and Chicken Feet. Both taste quite okay. Of course for dim sum, nothing can beat the Hongkong’s dimsum. Price range between 20 K to 80 K.


Chicken Feet


Jl. Pesanggrahan No. 70

Puri Kembangan – Kebon Jeruk

Jakarta Barat

Phone: 021 58908122

Raa Cha Suki-Barbeque


I’m not a fans of gravy food such as soup or shabu shabu/suki. But if there’s new soup or shabu shabu/suki restaurant, I always curious to try. Including this one. I’ve passed in front of this place many times, but I finally eager to try after my mom’s recommendation. The place is quite nice, they also provide the couch seat. Because I came here alone, so I wanna chill myself, I choose the couch seat. And beside I’ve colic this morning, so the hot gravy will make my stomach feel better.

First thing to do is to choose the food contain by yourself. There’s many choice from beef (salt, sweet & spicy beef, etc), tofu, meatball, fishball, various mushroom, veggies, etc. You can pick one piece for one kind. You also can take your beverage by yourself, they provide the empty glass & ice. You can get your dessert in here. After that, you do the payment and you ready to cook your dish by yourself too.

Raa Cha

After payment, you can take the chili as much as you want. Very various chili such as chili soy sauce, peanut chili, thai chili, garlic, etc. And then here we are, ready to be our own chef for suki/shabu-shabu & barbeque! In every table they prepare the hot pot & the barbeque pot in small size, cute. I think that’s size is really suitable for me who came alone. But for 3 or 4 people I think that size is too small.

Hot Pot

They provide 2 different kind of soup. One is Chicken Broth, other one is Tom Yam. This time I choose Chicken Broth because of my stomachache. Next time I will try the other one, Tom Yam, they said it taste good too.


But I prefer the barbeque than the suki. I choose the sweet spicy beef. The slices of beef is tender & juicy. The seasoning is marinated so well. It will be perfect if you eat that with a bowl of rice.


The price range is between 4 K to 20 K. For nine various thing I pick plus mineral water, without rice, I pay for 65 K. It’s affordable price, right?

Raa Cha Suki & Barbeque

Mall Puri Indah 2nd Floor

Phone: (021) 5822667

Ciputra Mall 5th Floor

Phone: (021) 5686808

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