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If I cast away in the solitary island, and I have to choose one restaurant to be build in that island, I will choose Beautika! Because I fall in love with Manado cuisine in this place since 8 years ago and also I’m a truly spicy food lover! They give a spiciness level mark for every menu (level 1 to 3).  What separates Beautika from other Manado Restaurant? All cuisine in here is really ‘screaming’ in their ingredients. Strong in seasoning! That’s why this place is always crowded in lunch time. I usually come here before or after lunch time, so I can get the car parking area.

I’ve come to this place countless, but I will upload some food photos and try to explain it as far as I could. Enjoy it!

The first cuisine is: Cumi Pepes or Green Chili Squid (level 2 of spiciness, price 22 K for a half portion). The squid is so tender, not smell fishy. Most of Manado seasoning are consist of lemongrass, scallion, orange leaves, basil/kemangi, red/green cayenne chili, red onion, garlic, lemon juice, etc. Very complicated actually….mmppphhh….but the taste will ‘rock’ your tongue!

Cumi Pepes

Next cuisine: Ayam Bumbu Paniki or Chicken sauteed with Coconut Milk (level 2 of spiciness, price 22 K for a half portion). This one is use coconut milk. Oily & condensed, but I like it.

Ayam Bumbu Paniki

This one is my must order vegetables menu: Sayur Pangi Ayam or Pangi Veggies with Chicken (level 1 of spiciness, price 32 K for full portion). I don’t know what kind of concoction they put in this simple food. It taste so damn good!

Sayur Pangi

What I love about Indonesian food, they are so richly in taste, from sweet, salt, sour to…..bitter! Yeah bitter! That taste is represented well in this menu: Tumis Pare Cakalang or Bitter Melon & Skipjack Tuna sauteed with Coconut Milk (level 1 of spiciness, price 12,5 for a half portion). Bitter, salty, spicy all wraped in the thickness of coconut milk. Amazing!

Pare Cakalang

You can order almost of all menu for a half portion. It can make you order more various menu in small portion. I use to order 4-5 menu when I dine in here. Price range is between 12,5 K to 40 K for food.

In snack/appetizer or dessert area, you pampered with many choice of cake from traditional (apang,balapis,bobengka,panada,etc) to ala dutch (nougat,onbeykuk,marble,brudel,sus,etc); cookies (bagea,halua kenari,klaperkuk,etc); pudding (caramel,avocado,durian,etc) & dessert (klapertaart,fruit salad,gohu,pala,etc).

I take home their Fruit Salad. Price 26,5 K. The combination of their creamy mayo, cheese & cocktails are mix so wonderful. I really like it! Better you keep it in your refrigerator and enjoy it while it’s still cold.

Fruit Salad

I also try their Klappertaart. Price 26,5 K. Consist of slices of young coconut, custard,walnut,raisin & cinnamon. It’s taste so exotically sweet.


Next time, I will add another food menu and of course their specialty dessert in this article. Happy drooling all!


Jl. Hang Lekir No. 1, Kebayoran Baru
Tlp. 021 – 722.6683

Jl. Abdul Muis No. 70 A, Tanah Abang V
Tlp. 021 – 381.2340


Sarang Oci


Manado Cuisine is rarely encountered in West Jakarta area. There’s only one & the most famous, that I know,  is Sarang Oci, at Jalan Panjang. They adapt Morocco design as their interior, so colorful. A lot of family or friend gathering held in this place.

Sarang Oci

The must order appetizer is Perkedel Jagung or Crispy Corn Fritter (price 12 K to 20 K). I don’t know what flour they use to fried that corn, the result is so freaking crispy and I just can’t stop eat that fritter. They give us 2 different kind chili or sambal: Rica Chili & Dabu-dabu (green tomato,red onion & cayenne pepper slices w/ lemon juice,salt & sugar). The best Corn Fritter! I can’t find another fritter to be compared with this one.

Corn Fritter

For vegetables menu, I usually order Kangkung Bunga Pepaya or Watercress w/ Papaya Flower (price 22 K). The taste is combination between bitter and spicy. Blended perfectly!

Kangkung Bunga Pepaya

For soup option I recommend Kuah Asam Kakap/Goropa or Snapper/Goropa Fish Sour Soup (price 35 K to 47 K). The soup is made from fish broth boiled with lemon grass, orange leave, basil/kemangi leave, scallion & vinegar. So refreshing my throat & my stomache. 

Goropa Kuah Asam

At grilled area, you can choose Sirip Pari Bakar or Grilled Stingray Fin (price 43 K). They grilled it with spicy rica seasoning. So yummy. You can choose the spiciness level. The fish meat is so tender and you can eat the fish bone if you like it. Or you can choose to order Ekor Tenggiri Bakar or Grilled Mackerel Tail (price 60 K). They came with a huge size, the fish meat is so thick! Enough for 3 or 4 person.

Grilled Fish

For closing, you can order Es Kacang Merah Durian or Red Bean Ice with Durian (price 20 K). You can order it with or without Durian. The red bean is boiled very well and mix successfully with the ice, chocolate sauce & caramel. Perfect for hot weather!

Es Kacang Merah Durian

Sarang Oci

Jl. Panjang No. 99

Arteri – Kelapa Dua

Kebon Jeruk – Jakarta

Phone: (021) 5329791