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Toko Oen


Toko Oen was originally begun around 1910 in Yogyakarta by Mrs. Liem Gien Nio (Grandma Oen). Until now, it’s still being run and managed by the direct descendants of the founders. Toko Oen sell a classic Dutch Colonial-style dishes, cookies & nostalgic ice cream.

This restaurant has become one of my childhood memories. My parents usually asked me to have ice cream on this place at the weekend. Because of this habit, right now I become a huge lover of dessert, including cookies & cake ;)

Today I try their cake: Roti Telur. Price 4 K. It’s an egg bread sprinkled with sugar powder on top. The outside texture is crunchy, but soft inside. Quite nice.

Roti Telur

Then I also try their Ontbijtkoek. Price 4 K. An Ontbijtkoek is a Dutch-Belgian spiced cake. They’re sometimes called as Peperkoek. Rye is its most important ingredient, coloring the cake a light brown. It is often spiced with cloves, cinnamon, ginger, succade and nutmeg. Well, I don’t think I like Toko Oen’s version, because the texture is too dry and made me hard to swallow. I need one small sip of water after one or two bites of cake.   


Okay, now I order my favorite dessert in the world: Ice Cream! This time I order Rum Raisin Ice Cream. Price 15,5 K. The rum flavor is strong enough, perfectly mixed with the crunchiness of the raisin. Very good! I like it.

Rhum Raisin

Don’t forget to order their specialty flavor: Tutti Fruity. Price 28,5 K. It’s a chocolate and vanilla ice cream with sprinkled of dried fruit. The chocolate ice cream tastes bitter-sweet, not too milky. It’s perfectly blended with the sweetness of vanilla ice cream. And the dried fruit completed this dessert as a must-order flavor on this place.

Tutti Fruity


Toko Oen


Jl. Pemuda No. 52


Phone: (024) 3541683


De Mingle


It’s a rare thing to find in Jakarta a restaurant that specialized on Dutch cuisine. One that I knew is Hema Resto located at Radio Dalam. Actually, I knew this resto, De Mingle, from my facebook friend. He posted many food photos from this resto. It looks so good. Beside I get used to eat Dutch Food, because my mom can cook some kind of them.

It’s so easy to find that place, because I know the West Jakarta streets quite well. The design interior is modern minimalis, simple but adorable. They used the wood table set combine with white & bright colors. Soft blue couches along the left side are nicely paired with white vase on the table. I like their hanging black lamp too, they have a yellow & green color inside. They also have a second level too; usually the customers held the event (such as birthday party, gathering, casual meeting, reunion,etc) in that place.

de mingle
For appetizer, I order Bruinebonen Soep. Price 35 K. A savory red bean soup with shredded of beef meat and garnish with crountous (cubes of fried or baked bread). It’s  taste quite good. The red bean boiled very well, not too tender, but still feel fresh. But pity, too small portion.

Sup Brenebon

Because I came with quite a fully tummy, so I decided to order light snacks. The first snack is Indische Pastel. Price 32 K. It’s a baked potato with carrot, string bean, mushroom that cut in pieces with peas, sausage & vermicelli. Nom…nom…so tasty!

Indische Pastel

Next snack is Mayo Risolles. Price 29 K. Three pieces risolles with bacon, egg & cheese inside. Quite good. I think it will be more scrumptious if they put more mayo inside. Eat it with spicy chili sauce!

Mayo Rissoles

For healthy food, I choose Vruchten Sla. Price 45 K. Assorted fruit such as apple, strawberry, grape, lychee sprinkle with raisin & grated almond on top. Refreshing! The sauce taste sweet, perfectly blended with the sourness of the fruits. I like it!

Vruchten Sla

De Mingle


Graha Handaya

Jl. Raya Perjuangan Kav 12A Unit C

Kebon Jeruk – Jakarta Barat

Phone: 021-53660431