Jejamuran (in English: Assorted Mushrooms) is served all kind of mushroom dishes with Indonesian traditional cuisine style. They use jamur tiram (oyster mushroom/pleorotus ostreatus), jamur merang (volvariella volvacea), jamur shitake (shitake mushroom/lentinula edodes), jamur kancing (fungi studs/agaricus bisporus), jamur Lingzhi (lingzhi mushroom), etc, as their main ingredients.  With the large area and many kind of dishes to choose, this place is attract many visitor or tourist like me.


According to Mr. Ratijdo, as the owner of Jejamuran, this restaurant is developed from the mushroom seeding establishment since 1997. That’s why at the back side of this area they presented the assorted kind of mushrooms in the bag log. You can ask the resto personnel to explain much further about that stuff.


For appetizer, I choose Lumpia Jamur (Mushroom Spring Rolls). Price 3.2 K for 2 pieces. The mushroom fill in is savory. Taste okay!

Lumpia Jamur

For soup, I try Sup Tom Yum Jamur (Mushroom Tom Yum Soup). Price 18.2 K. I think the soup is tasteless, not a right combination of seasoning to make a bowl of tom yum.

Sup Tom Yam Jamur

Sate Jamur Tiram (Oyster Mushroom Satay) is my next dish. Price 18.2 K. They grilled the mushroom and give the peanut sauce on top. The peanut sauce is too sweet. So I added the cayenne chili to reduce its sweetness.

Sate Jamur

Next order: Pepes Shitake (steamed shitake mushroom with special indonesian seasoning). Price 16.4 K. The seasoning is made from garlic, red onion, ginger, turmeric, pecans, chili. Wrap that seasoning with shitake mushroom on the banana leaves & steamed it. Quite good!

Pepes Shitake

Next dish: Rendang Jamur (Mushroom Rendang). Price 8.2 K. Rendang is the authentic dish from Padang (a city from Indonesia that famous with its spicy cuisine). Rendang seasoning is made from coconut milk, lemongrass, turmeric, orange leaves, red chili, red onion, garlic, pecans, ginger, tamarind and galingale. Complicated, huh? Taste quite yummy!

Rendang Jamur

Then, the standard dish: Jamur Goreng Tepung Portabella (deep fried portabella mushroom). Price 10 K. Eat it while still hot with chili sauce. Nom…nom…!

Portabello Goreng

The last dish: Jamur Goreng Penyet (deep fried mushroom with chili). Price 12.8 K. They fried the mushroom and then sautéed it with the spicy chili & shrimp paste. Delicious! Perfect if you eat it with the hot steamed rice!

Jamur Goreng Penyet

Over all, the dishes taste are quite delicious and very cheap at price! Must visit!



Niron – Pandowoharjo

Sleman – Yogyakarta

Phone: 0274-868170


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