RM Sari Rasa Sambel Hejo


Sundanese food is the must try food at Bandung. One place that become my favorite in the past years is Sambel Hejo (in English means: Green Chili). I found this restaurant through internet. This is my 3rd time dine in this place. The restaurant is quite large, it can accommodate 100 persons. Dominated with green color and wood table set, this place looked natural & down to earth. In the yard area you can find many street food stalls such as: tahu gejrot, kue ape, rissole, es bungsu, etc. You can order it as your appetizer or dessert. It’s fun!

Sambel Hejo Resto

There’s no menu book in here. They directly deliver the dishes into your table (it’s like Padang restaurant), then you can choose what dish you want to eat. The must try food is their Ayam Goreng Basah (wet fried chicken). Price 7.5 K per piece. They marinated chicken with bay leaves, orange leaves, lemon grass, ginger, turmeric and candlenut. Cooked that chicken with water until the water is become dry. The last thing you have to do is half fried it. It will give you a “wet” surface texture. The taste is so savory and the seasoning is subtly pops out. The meat inside is sweet and tender. Yummy!

Ayam Goreng Basah

The second must try in here is Cimplung. Price 2 K per piece. It’s made from blended potato mix with tapioca. The texture is chewy and tasty. I like it. It will be perfect if they served it while it still hot.


I also eat their Ati/Ample (Chicken Liver & Gizzard). Price 5 K per piece. It has the same seasoning with their wet fried chicken.

Ati Ampela

In accordance with their restaurant’s title, of course the main icon dish in here is their Green Chili (free of charge). The chili is not too spicy for me. A flavor that dominating on the top is the sourness of tomato & kencur (kaempferia galangal). They completed it with Lalapan (raw veggies such as: cucumber, lettuce, leunca, etc).

Sambal Ijo

Price list for other dishes: Various Pepes (tofu/salty fish/mushroom) 4 K, Fish Pepes 25 K, Tripe/Intestines 6.5 K, Sayur Asem 6 K, Karedok 6 K, Corn Fritter 4 K, Fried Tofu/Tempeh 1.5 K, Gepuk 12 K.

For dessert I order Es Bungsu from the outside street food stall. Price 8 K. It’s a bowl of shredded ice with avocado, coconut meat, pacar cina, drizzled with pandan liquid sugar. It’s taste so sweet and refreshing! Suitable for hot weather!

Es Bungsu

RM Sari Rasa Sambel Hejo

Jl. Natuna No. 29

Kebon Pisang


Phone: 022-4264085 / 4218961


Jl. Katamso No. 49



Jl. Sukabumi No. 3




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