Es Campur Gang Lombok


The hot weather really can kill me in this noon. I need something fresh. I feel like I wanna jump to a cold water pool and drink it….hufffttt….Suddenly I remember, that there’s a small stall at Gang Lombok that sell shaved ice. It became a legend at Semarang.

Can you enjoy your dish if you eat on the place like this? Haha….

Gg Lombok

As you can see, it’s so messy. Many items stacked on a table and benches. But I came here not to enjoy the view, but to try their famous shaved ice!

Their specialty is Es Campur. It’s contain of shredded of young coconut, pineapple, papaya, kolang kaling/buah atep (sugar palm) and manisan mangga (mango marinated in the sugar water). They added a special syrup on it, it taste so sweet, sour and fragrant. Very good! The price is quite expensive, 17 K, but it’s worth for a plate of enjoyment.

Es Campur Gg Lombok

Es Campur Gang Lombok


Jl. Gang Lombok





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