Warung Tunggal Roso Pak Min


Well, as you known before that Gudeg originated from Yogyakarta, fortunately Salatiga is also served this dish in several places. So, I’m excited to try to make a comparison with Yogyakarta’s version.

I think I’m gonna explore the streetfood at this city. Sorry, no fancy restaurants for today, haha….My second destination is Warung Tunggal Roso Pak Min.

Tunggal Roso

Tunggal Roso2

Pak Min is famous with his Gudeg Koyor. Gudeg is made from young Nangka or jackfruit. I’ve already explain about Gudeg on my previous article. You can find it in folder Yogyakarta. Koyor is the ox veins in Javanese language.


You can choose the additional dishes such as boiled egg, shredded of chicken meat, chicken liver/gizzard or chicken fallopian tubes.


They served assorted fried snack too: tahu isi (tofu with bean sprout fill in), bakwan jagung (corn fritter), martabak (stuffed pancake or pan fried bread, usually includes minced beef/mutton, garlic, egg & onion), etc.

Gorengan Tunggal Roso

For standard portion you only pay for 10 K. It consists of Gudeg, Sambal Goreng Koyor & Tahu. Gudeg in here is dry version & tastes sweet. Sambal Goreng Koyor taste is savory and not too spicy. And the ox veins texture is very tender. I tried chicken fallopian tubes. They give me a huge cut. OMG, I suddenly feel very full. Honestly, it’s not my favorite version of Gudeg. But overall it’s quite good dish for sweet dish lover.

Gudeg Koyor


Warung Makan Tunggal Roso Pak Min


Jl. Hasanudin




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