RM Kartoali


Actually my Semarang’s trip this time is to accompany my mom to attend her friend’s son wedding. It’s also a very good opportunity for me to dig the richness of central java culinary. So I decided to take the earliest flight in the morning to Semarang. I arrived at Semarang at 7 AM and directly heading to Salatiga.

Salatiga is my mom’s hometown, so she’s really familiar with the local & authentic dishes in here. First destination is Nasi Rames Kartoali. It’s located in the small alley at Tanjung street. Thank God I still have relatives in this city, they became my guide along this day.

alley kartoali

This humble tavern has established since 1960. Now it’s handled by the 3rd generation. People of Central Java is get used to have breakfast everyday. They’ve already opened the stall from 7 AM.

RM Kartoali

It’s very small place, only accommodate for 12-15 persons.


You can order their mix rice or you can choose what dish you like by yourself.


Because I plan to have food tasting on the several places today, I asked for the small portion of rice only. With price around 10 K, you will get pecel (assorted veggies with peanut sauce), sayur tahu & kacang panjang (tofu sautéed with string bean), empal goreng (fried beef meat), babat & usus sapi (deep fried tripe & intestines), serundeng (sweet grated coconut). The peanut sauce & veggies dish are tending to sweet taste. But the meat tastes savory. Quite nice combination but not extraordinary.

Nasi Rames Kartoali


Nasi Rames Kartoali


Jl. Tanjung


Phone: 0856-40201445




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