Ta Thao


Ta Thao is the Chinese restaurant located on the housing residence at West Jakarta. I like to dine in this place, because they served Chinese dishes with special or different taste from other Chinese restaurant. It’s accommodate for 40 persons.

Ta Thao

The specialty dish in Ta Thao is Hokian Lomie Bagan Komplit. Price 42 K. It’s a gravy noodle with pig’s intestines, shitake mushroom, fish, shrimp and veggies. The noodle is cut in big size, chewy and quite tough. The gravy sauce is savory, but for me, it is less salty. So I have to add soy sauce. Quite good.

Lomie Bagan

For appetizer I order Ngohiang Babi (pork fried roll). Price 35 K. Ngohiang is a unique Hokkien and Teochew dish served in many of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore’s hawker centres. It’s a sausage-esque roll consisting of minced pork and prawn (or fish) seasoned with five spice powder. It is usually served with chili sauce and a house-special sweet sauce. It’s taste nom nom!


Next dish is Mun Tahu. Price 45 K. It’s a portion of tofu sautéed with garlic, mushroom and scallion. The tenderness of tofu mixed perfect with the crunchiness of mushroom. It is tasty!

Mun Tahu Ta Thao


Ta Thao


Jl. Green Ville Blok C No. 8 D

Duri Kepa – Kebon Jeruk

Jakarta Barat

Phone: 021-5670511


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