Madam Kwok


Kota Kasablanka is quite new mall at South Jakarta. Many dine in places there that I haven’t try before. Well, after two times getting around the Food Society area and being confused, finally I decided to try Madam Kwok.

Madam Kwok is an antique Chinese homey design restaurant that served Cina Peranakan dishes. It’s occupied for about 60 persons. It’s very nice place. The couch is so comfy and made me sitting for a long time.

Madam Kwok1

Madam Kwok2

For appetizer, I order Sagigit Tiga Rasa. Price 36 K. It’s chicken, prawn and water chestnut chopped and mixed with five Chinese spices, rolled with bean curd skin and fried. It served with chili sauce. It’s taste very scrumptious, suitable with their sour Thai sauce.

Sagigit Tiga Rasa

The waitress suggested me to try Buntut Masak Asam. Price 67 K. It’s oxtail soup cooked with kind of herbs and spices. The sour taste is stronger came from starfruit. I don’t think this is the best version of Sour Soup. I can only taste the sourness. It’s lack of broth. And I’ve found one part of oxtail is hard to chew. I think they set the price too high for this dish.

Buntut Masak Asam

I also order Ayam Saus Kecombrang. Price 35 K. It’s crispy fried chicken poured out with spicy sauce and unique taste come from kecombrang. For me the taste is like an ordinary deep fried chicken. Frankly speaking, it’s tasteless. It will be better if they give us more spicy sauce. I don’t even can taste the spices at outer part of chicken. Wew, such a disappointing dish!

Ayam Saus Kecombrang

Next dish: Tumis Bayam Ikan Asin. Price 25 K. It’s a stir fry spinach cooked with coconut milk and sprinkled with Medan salted fish on top. The coconut milk sauce is savory, blended well with the freshness of spinach and the saltiness & crunchiness of salted fish. It’s very good combination. Scrumptious!

Tumis Bayam Ikan Asin

Today they give me a promotion offer. If I follow their twitter and upload the dish picture, they will give me a FREE dessert. So, I get their Es Sambut Kota Kembang for free. It’s a mixed fruit cocktail, coconut meat, nata de coco, evaporated milk and rum essence. It served with shaved ice and cocopandan syrup. Quite nice, but not too special.

Es Sambut Kota Kembang


Madam Kwok


Kota Kasablanka

Jl. Casablanka Raya Kav. 88

Food Society UG, FSU 19

Jakarta Selatan

Phone: 021-29488706


Epicentrum Walk, G Floor Unit 141-143

Jl. HR Rasuna Said

Jakarta Selatan

Phone: 021-29941455




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