Blackball is originally from Taiwan. It was a thrilled creation derived from the founder of Blackball, Mr. Tang, who imaged the idea of “Xian Cao” being blacked and the chewable taro balls in real. He started the first outlet in Taipei in 2006. He strongly believed in Xian Cao’s health benefits and the great taste of his delicious creations.

It’s a small place with garden style design, dominated with white, red and green color. It’s only accommodate for 25 persons.



On my first visit, I try Blackball Signature Original. Price 26 K. It’s made from grass jelly, yam balls, sweet potato balls, taro q, pearls and red bean. They give shaved ice on beneath. It’s taste sweet and chewy. Yummy dessert! Fabulous combination of ingredients!

Signature Original 

I also try their Blackball Signature 2 Winter Melon Ice. Price 26 K. The ingredients is almost similar with the original version. It’s consist of winter melon ice, grass jelly, yam balls, red bean, sweet potato balls and brown sugar kanten jelly. Well, I prefer the last one, sweeter!

Winter Melon Ice 

They layer the dessert with radical presentations. It is something undeniably and irresistible, and also catering your health consciousness with the blends of distinct ingredients. The tastiness, silkiness, solidness along with its exquisitely rich flavor sensation.

They also served Yam Balls dessert series, Blackball dessert series (cranberry, red bean, mung bean, sweet taro, peanut), assorted Smoothies (grass jelly, pineapple, mocha, sour plum, taro milk), Winter Melon drinks and Signature drinks (xian cao leaf tea, sour plum tea, pineapple green tea, honey tea, milk tea, etc).




Central Park Mall

Jl. Letjen S Parman Kav. 28

Slipi – Jakarta Barat

Phone: 0813-16647383




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