Bakmie Uban


West Jakarta is the heaven of delish noodle. Maybe because this area is predominated with Chinese people, which noodle is become their staple food. They usually eat noodle at breakfast time.

So, today, in the Tuesday morning, I came to Grogol area to dine in one of my favorite noodle place. It’s Bakmie Uban. Humble place, it’s only accommodate for 20 person.

Bakmie Uban

Bakmie Uban2

The first time I try their noodle, I thought that they used pork oil. But they claimed that they only use chicken oil. But it’s really taste like pork, wow!  The noodle texture is tender and cut in medium slices. Its taste very savory! The sweetness of chicken meat blended well with the tasty noodle. You can choose the chicken topping: soy sauce chicken or boiled chicken or you can mix both of them. Price range between 15 K to 25 K. They also served noodle with boiled/fried dumpling and meatball.

Mie Ayam Uban


Bakmie Uban


Jl. Dr. Muwardi 1 No. 3

Grogol – Jakarta Barat

Phone: 021-33179890




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