Bakmie Acing


This is my favorite noodle since I was in college. I started to dine in this place since Uncle Acing is still alive. Now the business is continued by his wife and daughter. They already opened their stall at 7 am. I usually came here at 9 or 10 am, because the chicken broth soup is taste thicker.



You can directly order Chicken Noodle, and you can also choose the chicken meat part: thigh, breast or mix. Price 17 K. The noodle texture is quite tough, not mushy and a little greasy, cut in big sizes. We usually called it: Mie Alot. That means tough to chew. The chicken oil & special secret sauce create the savory taste. I usually add the soy sauce and their signature chili. They give us a separate bowl of chicken meat and skin. This combination is super satisfied my appetite.

Mie Acing


Bakmie Acing


Jl. Dr. Susilo 1

Grogol – Jakarta Barat



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