Ayam Taliwang Rinjani


Ayam Taliwang is a spicy Indonesian chicken dish from Lombok. It is named after Karang Taliwang in Mataram, the capital of Lombok. Ayam Taliwang is made with chicken which is cut and cleaned prior to grilling. Once it has been frilled halfway, it is removed from the grill and tenderized with a pestle. It is then dipped in cooking oil; after several seconds in the oil, it is put in a spicy sauce of garlic, chili, and shrimp paste. It is then fried or grilled to order.

You can find this dish at West Jakarta area. I’ve known this place for a long time ago. It is only a small tavern at the corner of Pesanggrahan street. But it’s always crowded with people. If I came too late, usually they run out of dish.



Ayam Taliwang physically appears similar to regular grilled or fried chicken, with a covering of sambal. Price 25 K. You can ask for the spiciness level (medium or super spicy). Today I wanna try their super spicy level. I think I’ve made a wrong choice, because the spiciness of their sambal is really burn my mouth and torture my tongue. Too spicy for me, huhuhu…. Next time I better order their medium level. Its taste is salty and spicy. I think I more enjoy Ayam Taliwang As Siddiq’s version that I ate in Bali; sweet & spicy! But over all, it’s quite delicious.

Ayam Taliwang Rinjani

For side dish I also order their Plecing Kangkung. Price 8 K. It’s water spinach, bean sprout & string bean covering with sambal and sprinkle with fried nut. It feels so fresh, crunchy and quite spicy. Healthy and tasty!

Plecing Kangkung Rinjani

Ayam Taliwang Rinjani


Jl. Pesanggrahan No. 20

Meruya Utara

Jakarta Barat

Phone: 021-5862968 / 0819-32787907




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