Macaroni House


Macaroni is my favorite snack since I was a little girl. My mom sometimes made it for a special occasion. But now, because she’s getting old and her strength is not like it used to be, she’s not longer made that dish anymore. So when I heard that there’s a new café that sell macaroni at West Jakarta area, I feel so excited to try it as soon as possible.

Located in the middle of Pesanggrahan Food Street, that place is so easy to find. When I first step in that place, I smile, because I like how they designed that café. Wood table with stool color triangular, completed with simple couch and cute animal pillows. And I saw they put a “small house” in the corner. Such a clever idea to capture consumers who have little kid. With daylight lighting and colorful tableware, its design really spoiled our eyes and satisfy our childhood inner soul.

macaroni place

macaroni place2

Okay, now I’m ready to order. Smoked Beef Macaroni. Price 40 K (for small size). They also served Medium size (price 85 K) and Large size (price 235 K); but you have to order one day ahead. It came on the small red plate with red spoon. Suitable color to boost your appetite, right? Haha…..When I dig it, the texture is so soft, and suddenly I smell the cheesy aroma from it. On my first bite, I felt the savory of cheesy macaroni with a glance of bacon flavor. Perfectly blended! Yummy!

smoked beef macaroni

For beverage, I also order their specialty: Mango Strawberry Tea with fresh fruit. Price 17.5 K. Once again they put the tableware design so detail. A cute jar with pink polka dot straw really attracted my admiration. It’s taste fresh, sweet and a little sour from strawberry fruit slices. Must order if you came here at the hot weather.

One more thing that I love about Macaroni House is they give me a FREE dessert today! Wohoooo….this is valid for limited time of course, haha…..Apple Pie with Vanilla ice cream. Price 30 K. Whoaaaaaa, cute tableware agaaaaaiiinnnn!!! I can tell you their Apple Pie is so damn good! The crispy of its crumble on top mixed very well with the hot pie beneath. With cold vanilla ice cream & chocolate liquid on top, this dessert is taste like heaven if you enjoy it at one mouthful.

Apple Pie

I feel so satisfied with my first visitation. I’ll come here again to try their other dishes. They also served other kind of macaroni, such as Carbonara, Cheesilicious, Bolognaise, Pesto, Veggie, etc. They have baked potato too (ranch, carbonara, curry, sea catch, blackjack, pizzaiola, Moroccan), assorted snacks & soup like mushroom & potato beef bacon. And of course, other dessert: Strawberry Pie. For beverage, they provide assorted hot tea, fruit tea & shakes.


Macaroni House


Jl. Raya Pesanggrahan No. 168 B

Puri Indah – Jakarta Barat

Phone: 021-5809172


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  1. Thank u so much for drop by…next time let us know. We will serve u one of our signature dish, Potato Beef Bacon soup

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