Bebek Goreng HT Karang Empat


Bebek Goreng HT Karang Empat is a non air conditioner restaurant that can accommodate 50-60 persons on West Jakarta. It’s originated from Surabaya. It’s been famous since 1990.

Bebek HT place

As usually, I order their Bebek Goreng Super (super size fried duck). Price 19 K (original size: price 17 K). For steamed rice you have to add order, price 5 K (free refill). They provide Nasi Uduk (coconut milk steam rice) too. Price 7 K. I think their Super size fried duck is not real “Super” on its size. It’s quite small for me. But the duck meat is tender and savory. What I adore about this dish is their Signature Sambal. It’s very spicy! It will burn your mouth and make you sweat! They served it with Lalapan (raw veggies such as cucumber & kemangi leaves). Tasty!

Bebek Goreng Super

I also order Paru Goreng (fried lung). Price 20 K. Thin slices fried lung came with shrimp paste chili. Yummy! Instead of eat with its sambal which not too spicy for me, I choose to eat with their Signature Sambal. I can’t find this kind of Sambal on other places.

Paru Goreng

If you don’t like duck, you can choose chicken (fried chicken, roasted chicken). They also served Iga Goreng (fried ribs), Buntut Goreng (fried oxtail), Gurame Goreng (fried carp fish), Nasi Goreng Bebek (fried rice with slices of duck meat), Empal Goreng (fried beef meat), Udang/Cumi Cobek (shrimp/squid with sambal), Tempeh/Tofu, Cah Kangkung (spicy stir fried watercress) & Sayur Asem (sour veggies soup).



Bebek Goreng HT Karang Empat


Jl. Pesanggrahan Raya No. 138

Jakarta Barat

Phone: 021-5813707





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