Warung Made


Warung Made was established in 1969 and has become a social eating and meeting venue for locals, expats and tourists alike. It has grown from a traditional roadside stall into a cosmopolitan restaurant serving a variety of local and international food in Bali.



Tonight I choose their Nasi Campur Special (special mixed rice). Price 65 K. One portion rice came with many side dishes, for about 12 kinds. Well, I will mention them one by one. Please be patient, haha….


–         Sayur Nangka ditumis dg wortel-buncis-terong (young jackfruit sautéed with carrot-green bean-eggplant)

–         Opor Ayam (chicken cooked with coconut milk until the sauce became thick)

–         Lawar Ayam (assorted veggies-young coconut & shredded of chicken meat mixed with Balinese spices & chili)

–         Balado Terong (spicy eggplant)

–         Semur Daging Sapi (beef cooked with sweet ketchup)

–         Urap (assorted boiled veggies with grated of coconut on top)

–         Ikan Kari (fish cooked with coconut milk)

–         Udang Balado (red chili shrimp)

–         Crispy Tempeh (it made from soy bean)

–         Salt Fish Crackers

–         Spicy Tuna

–         Sate Lilit Ikan (fish skewer)

–         Acar Ketimun (pickled cucumber)

–         And finally, they sprinled it with Serundeng on top (sweet fried grated coconut).

Nasi Campur Special Made

Incredible, isn’t it? The dish is very rich of taste and will give you a chance to taste assorted of Indonesian food’s flavor. The beef meat, chicken even their shrimp is so tender. They cooked so perfect & very delicious. All side dishes are not too spicy. Don’t forget to order their fresh Pineapple Juice (Price 17 K) or Orange Juice (Price 15 K) to accompany this awesome dish! So… if you still can’t sleep in the night, just walk around Kuta and get chill in this place with your friends & family.

You can also order their top 20 dishes, such as: Fried Rice, Gado-Gado, Mixed Rice, Curries, Spare Ribs, Spring Rolls, Beef or Pork Skewer, Grilled Snapper, Thai Salad, Sandwiches, Rujak/Fruit Salad, Pasta Putanesca, Fried Noodles, Maybelle Special (fish or chicken cooked in aluminium foil), Sashimi, Steaks, Prawns, Suckling Pig and Pancakes. Bon Appetit!


Warung Made


Branch Pande Mas

Kuta – Bali

Phone: 0361-755297


Branch Seminyak

Kuta – Bali

Phone: -361-732130




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