Mie Galang Makasar


I knew this place from the traveling book that I bought at Jakarta. So I’ve already put Mie Galang Makasar to my culinary must visit place list before I arrived in Bali. As written in that book, they said that this is the most delish place to eat noodle in Bali.

mie galang

mie galang2

For my first dish I choose Mie Galang (galang noodle). Price 22 K (small size). Very huge portion! Shaped flat noodles came with chicken meat, fish ball, siomay, fritter, mushroom and veggies. Flour and egg make the sauce became so gravy. In here, dried noodles cooked with scrambled way, not boiled. Noodle color became brownish on the outside, because scrambled with a little water. I think the sauce is tasteless. I have to add soy sauce on it. And I don’t really enjoy the noodle texture. It’s too rigid, less elastic. But the siomay & fritter are very nice.

Mie Galang small size

Second dish I order my favorite menu on Makasar restaurant: Nasi Goreng Merah (fried red rice). Price 20 K (small size). The fried rice has exactly the same ingredients with Mie Galang. They srambled the egg with the rice and their special red sauce. This dish is very scrumptious! Yummy! You can eat it with small chopped chili with vinegar or soy sauce.

Nasi Goreng Merah

Mie Galang Makasar


Jl. Teuku Umar

Pertokoan Ruko Graha Mahkota No. B5-6

Denpasar – Bali

Phone: 0361- 8041141



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