Babi Guling Candra


Today is the last day of my Bali’s vacation. So I wanna close it with eat a good food. Because Babi Guling (suckling pig) is the most famous dish beside Lawar, so I decide it to try this dish on another place. I’ve already try Ibu Oka’s version on my first day (you can read it on my past article in this blog).

Candra place

I came here before lunch time, but it’s already crowded. I took my seat and asked the waitress what the specialty dish in here. So I order their Nasi Campur Babi Guling (suckling pig mixed rice). A big portion of suckling pig’s meat, lawar with shredded pig’s meat, spices cassava leaves, crispy lungs, pig’s meat cooked with spicy Balinese herbs, fatty pork sausage, pork skewer, fish skewer and crispy pig’s skin. OMG, I can tell you, it’s the best version of suckling pig mixed rice. The pig’s meat is so tender and the Balinese spices are soaked in it. All dishes is so incredible tasty and become so perfect if you eat it with their green chili. Very delicious!

Nasi Campur Candra

For price 30 K, you can get a portion of rice, all of the above dishes, pig soup and their special sambal (chayenne chili sautéed with onion & oil). You can asked for more chili for free.

Sup Babi & Sambal Candra

You know what the most yummy part in this dish? Their Crispy Pig’s Skin. I asked for an additional portion for this. The skin is so crispy and fatty at the same time. When you bite it, it will sound like this: “Crack!”. You chew it slowly to taste their nom nom fat, it will melt in your mouth. Super Duper Succulent! Price 60 K.

Kulit Babi

All that I can say is: Two Thumbs Up! Period!



Babi Guling Candra


Jl. Teuku Umar No. 140

Kerobokan – Denpasar


Phone: 0361-9940098 / 225559






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