Warung Siobak Khe Lok


Warung Siobak Khe Lok is opened the first time since 1963. Now its maintained by Khe Lok’s son, Ketut Antara or Yu An. Siobak is the icon dish of Singaraja area.

Actually I want to dine in its origin area, Singaraja. But it turns out, that area is too far from Denpasar and I have limited vacation time in Bali. Thanks God, they’ve already opened the branch at Denpasar. The place is quite small, only accommodate for about 25 persons.

Khe Lok

Siobak ingredients are pork meat, pig’s ear, pig’s liver, pig’s skin crackers & dried fatty pig. All ingredients are boiled with sweet-salty ketchup and special Chinese herbs spices ngo hyang. They boiled it for approximately 2 hours on the small fire in order to all spices soaked in the meat.

They cut all ingredients about the size of thumb and served it with their special tauco sauce (it made from tauco, chili & salt). You can also add the sauce with their special vinegar (it made from vinegar, garlic, sugar, salt & chili). It will create the rich taste (sweet, sour and salty). Eat it all with steamed rice. Two thumbs up! Price 22 K.


Warung Siobak Khe Lok

Jl. Surapati No. 66

Kampung Tinggi – Singaraja

Phone: 0362-22760

Jl. Gatot Subroto Timur




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