Warung Lawar Cumi Ibu Jani


It’s not far from Warung Krishna location, for about 30 meters, there’s a stall selling Lawar Cumi (squid lawar), belong to Mrs. Jani. Even my stomach is half full after having Tipat Kuah this morning, I’m still curious to try Lawar Cumi.

Bu Jani

The stall is very simple, like the most other street food. Without asking further question, I directly order their specialty: Nasi Campur Lawar Cumi (squid lawar mixed rice). Price 20 K.

Bu Jani2

One portion of rice accompanied with lawar, fried fish, shrimp, squid and sambal matah. The fish is quite dry at outside but the meat is soft. The shrimp is spicy and crispy, nice! Lawar taste is delish if you mixed it with sambal matah. How about their primadona? The squid! I think it’s very succulent, the meat is very tender. You don’t need an extra power to chew it. Yummy!

Lawar Cumi

They also give me a bowl of fish soup. Like Mak Beng’s version, it’s also use the cucumber too. Spicy soup and it’s tasty! Over all, this dish is delicious!

Fish Soup Jani
Warung Lawar Cumi Ibu Jani


Jl. Kutat Lestari No. 1

Sanur – Bali

Phone: 0361-283616


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