Sop Ikan Mak Beng


Based on my Bali culinary friend’s information, Mr. Bayu, I have to come to this place before lunch time or I will queue for 30 minutes to1 hour, wow! I think, it must be a good food in there because everybody willing to wait for such a long time. This place is quite small, only suit for 30-40 persons.

Mak Beng 

Since 1941, Ni Ketut Tjuki or more recognized with Mak Beng, has established her business. It is located 20 meters from Sanur beach. If you incidentally walking or swimming on Sanur area, you better stop by in here.

Mak Beng2

That day, I arrived at 10.30 AM, and it’s already full. I’ve waited for 10 minutes. When I have my seat, the waitress directly asked my order. Good service! After 5-7 minutes of waiting, here it come a package of fish dishes (fish soup & fried fish). Price 30 K (including rice).

Mak Beng3

A bowl of spicy red snapper soup with shredded of cucumbers. The soup has an aromatic Balinese spices. I think it’s quite similar with Balinese Mixed Rice. Very savory soup and it has not a fishy smelly. I like it so much. The fish head meat is so tender and the cucumbers bring a fresh flavor to this dish. Two thumbs up!

Fish Head Soup

If you’re not much like spicy food, you can just order their fried fish. It’s crispy outside, but tender inside. The sambal/chili is very good. You can add the lemon/lime squeeze to the soup or sambal. Nom nom! Don’t forget to order Orange Juice, it will give you a great sensation. Hot soup and sour cold ice! Perfect combination!

Fried Fish

Sop Ikan Mak Beng


Jl. Hang Tuah No. 45

Sanur – Bali

Phone: 0361-282633


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