Menega Cafe


The 2005 Bali bombings were a series of terrorist suicide bomb and a series of car bombs and attacks that occurred on October 1, 2005, in Bali, Indonesia. Bombs exploded at two sites in Jimbaran Beach Resort and in Kuta, both in South Bali. The terrorist attack claimed the lives of 20 people and injured more than 100 others. The three bombers also died in the attack.

It’s reported that the first two explosions occurred at 6.50 PM local time, near a Jimbaran food court and the third at 7 PM, in Kuta Town Square. One of the blasts struck Raja’s Restaurant at the Kuta Square shopping mall in central Kuta. Another two bombs exploded at warungs/stall along the Jimbaran beach, one of which was near the Four Seasons Hotel. Menega Café is one of the bombing victims.

That period is the toughest time for Bali. In 6 months, the only major income in Bali, tourism, totally dead. Many foreign tourists cancelled their trip to Bali and change their destination to Malaysia or Thailand. It’s very sad! Some entrepreneurs have to close their business. Da*n terrorists! What actually they want? They said they did that based on God’s instruction that written on their Scripture. Really? That’s the most ridiculous reason that I’ve ever heard!

Okay, back to the main topic, sorry….I’m emotionally carried away by that memory for a while…. God is fair! I remember my last visit to Menega Café for about 10 years ago (before the bombing). At that time, Menega Café is deserted from visitors. And their dishes are not good. But now, if you came late, you have to queue for your turn to come. Menega Café is now the most famous and most crowded seafood restaurant at Jimbaran beach. Awesome!


This place is divided into 2 area. Indoor area and Outdoor area. Of course I choose the outdoor area, that’s the point I dine in this place, right? To enjoy the Jimbaran beach’s view.


Once I get a number table, I choose the dishes at the front table. While waiting for the food to come, I am also waiting for the coming sunset. I came here at 5 PM. It’s the perfect time. For 20 minutes, the clouds cover the sun. So I think, this time I will not enjoy the sunset, huhuhu….But suddenly, the clouds began to back away…and tada….I can see the sunset this evening, yeah! #smiley face


First dish I choose Red Snapper Grilled Fish. Price 72 K (fish weight: 0.9 ounce). The best way to grill the fish is only give a little oil/butter on the outside part of fish. That’s all. It doesn’t need a heavy seasoning to create a tremendous grilled fish. Simple but succulent! The fish meat is soft and very thick. It’s enough for 2-3 persons.

Grilled Fish

Second dish I order Grilled Mussels. Price 45 K. It’s quite nice. I think the seasoning is made from blended of coconut milk, chili, garlic and pecan. The mussels itself is tender. I’ve found the cool way to enjoy this dish. Put a spoon of rice on the mussel shell, apply their special sambal/chili on top, and….bring it all to your mouth…hmmm…so scrumptious! Try it on!


The last dish is the usual dish I order if I dine in seafood restaurant: Crispy Fried Squid. Price 37.5 K. Honestly I have to say to you, it’s not good at all! The squid is too hard to chew. Very tough! It’s getting worse when they became cold.

Fried Squid

Well, but that’s okay, I came here to enjoy my vacation and I’ll not let the ‘squid’ thing to ruin it, haha…..



Menega Café


Jl. Four Season Resort Muaya Beach

Jimbaran Benoa – Kuta Selatan

Badung – Bali

Phone: 0812-3933539


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