House of Raminten


This is the place that I’ve planned it for so long to visit when I’m in Yogya. A Gay Café! That’s what I’ve heard before. House of Raminten, the name itself is combining between western & traditional. The decoration is totally adapted Java design interior. The café’s ambience is so mystique, completed with sesajen (offerings to their idol god in the form of flowers/fruits) & strong smelly incense.

In front of the café & inside that place, there’s a big portrait of Chinese Old Lady with glasses who wear the traditional Java wardrobe, fully make up with bun head. Everybody said that’s the face of Raminten. Raminten is actually a man who has the real name Hamzah HS. According to the public issues, he has a revelation from the ruler of south sea spirit, Nyi Roro Kidul,  to change his identity to woman named Raminten. But Hamzah said through the interview that Raminten is derived from figure which played by him on the comedy show at Yogya TV. Which is the truth? Nobody knows….It’s still become a mystery until now.

House of Raminten

There are 3 traditional royal chariots at the waiting room. You can ride in only on Sunday at Wage day (ancient java calendar). All of the waitress wear the traditional java uniform. They use Handy Talky to communicate with each other. Very unique & modern at the same time. What I also heard that all the waitress are gay. Wow!

Kereta Kencana

I came here only look for dessert, because the weather is extremely hot & my tummy is already full. So I order Avocado Juice. It came in the big glass. Price 11 K.

Avocado Juice

I also order Es Cendol/Dawet.  Price 8 K. It’s made from rice flour, slices of young coconut meat, grass jelly & jackfruit. The rice flour or cendol is too soft and tasteless. I think it’s a bad version of Es Cendol. Sorry…

Es Cendol

The main dish recommendation in here is Sego Kucing (Cat Rice). That means they give you a small portion like your cat/pet meal portion. It usually served with shrimp paste chili, orek tempe (tempe sautéed with onion & chili), fried egg & fish. The price is so extremely cheap.

They also served the beverage with the unique glass. If you order Wedang Serai (Hot Lemongrass), it came with the glass with 40 cm height. You have to stand if you want to drink it, haha….And if you order any beverage that contain milk, they will give you a ceramic glass woman breast-shaped. That’s true! Curious now?

House of Raminten


Jl. Faridan M Noto No. 7 (near Mirota Bakery)

Kotabaru – Yogyakarta

Phone: 0274-586928 / 547315


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