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Mrs. Field


Mrs. Fields  is a franchisor in the snack food industry. Through its franchisees’ retail stores, it is one of the largest retailers of freshly baked, on-premises specialty cookies and brownies in the US. Its franchise systems includes over 300 franchised and licensed locations throughout the US and in 22 other countries.

Today is my first time to try their famous cookies, yeah….I’m a cookies lover too! I came here in the afternoon.  Nobody else dine in this place, except me, haha….but I really enjoy to chill by myself. A padded sofa and the christmas decoration that still hang in on their wall have give me a relaxation feeling. Small place but quite nice.

Mrs Fields Gandaria City

Mocha Latte is my option for today. I’d love the combination between the bitter of espresso & the sweet of mocha milk. Price 25 K.

Mocha Latte

I don’t much like brownies. But because Mrs. Fields is also famous for this kind of cake, so I decided to try one piece of my favorite flavor : Chocolate Brownies w/ Icing Sugar. Price 15 K. The size is quite small, but the texture of brownies is really tender, not too densely. Quite good!


For cookies I choose 2 flavor : Chocolate Chips & Rainbow. Price 9 K per piece. The chocolate chips cookies is so tender, very different version from Famous Amos (they make the crispy version as their main product, although they make the soft cookies version too). I like it very much. It will be nice if I order a cup of hot tea, more suitable, because this snack is taste so sweet. Hot tea will help to neutralized its sweetness.


Mrs. Fields

Gandaria City 2nd Floor

Jl. KH Syafii Hadzani 8

Kebayoran Lama – Jakarta Selatan

Phone : 021 29053162