Gula Merah


Alam Sutera is the most developing area in Tangerang. Nowadays, people choose to live outside Jakarta, in order to avoid traffic jam. Moreover, everything is available in that area, from housing, school, hospital and of course mall. Lately, they open their new mall, they said, it’s the biggest mall in Southeast Asia. I don’t know the news whether it’s a true or not?

So I get around inside that huge mall, and I feel so tired & starving. I’m looking for the new restaurant or cafe & finally I found this restaurant: Gula Merah (in English you can said : Red Sugar). The interior is fully wood material. They split the area in two, inside area and open air area. I choose to sit in inside area, because the weather that day is so hot!

Gula Merah

For appetizer I order Balachan Chicken Wings (Sayap Ayam Terasi). The taste of balachan is not too strong, taste faily. The best balachan chicken is still at Seroeni Plaza Senayan, frankly speaking ;)

Balachan Chicken Wings

Their Balachan Watercress (Kangkung Terasi) is also taste mediocrity….mmpphhhh….quite disappointed!

Balachan Watercress

I also order Pepes Jamur Daging Sapi (Chili Mushroom with Beef Slices). Well, not to good….

Pepes Jamur Daging Sapi

For main course I order Cumi Isi Telur (Squid with Boiled Chicken Egg Inside). I thought what’s inside is Squid Egg, apparently only chicken egg, huhuhu….. I don’t really like this dish….too ordinary….nothing special! Although that dish is one of the chef recommendation….wew!

Cumi Isi Telur

But my disappointment is erased by their favorite dessert : Bubur Sumsum Durian (Rice Flour mixed with Coconut Milk topped with Durian). The strong taste of durian is well balanced with the savory of rice flour and coconut milk. I adore it! Very delicious! Must order dessert!

Bubur Sumsum Durian

Overall, the taste of the food is very ordinary. But their dessert is adorable! Price range for food from 3 K to 54 K. For beverage from 6 K to 25 K. Quite affordable.

Gula Merah

Mall Alam Sutera – Tangerang

Setiabudi One Ground Floor Unit B 108B – 109

Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav 62

Kuningan – Jakarta Selatan



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